Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hive 9, June Little Houses

This was fun!  What a departure for me.  And really great timing - tomorrow we are doing an IMPROV workshop at the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and I am going to show them how to do this block so thank you for the inspiration.  We will collect all of the blocks we make and put them in a charity quilt - I am excited!   When it's done, I will post the finished quilt so you can see what you started.

In the meantime - here are the blocks I made for you.  Hope you like them!

Debbie Grosskopf


Puppilalla said...

These are grant! Very summerly and vibrant. =)

Mjcooksgrte said...

Love the colors! Such fun😄

SewLiab said...

They are so much fun :) thanks Debbie!!!!