Monday, June 6, 2016

Queen Erin's May Hive 5 Christmas Tree Block

Queen Erin,

I was traveling in May, and did not get your block out.  Susan, being an Angel (thank you so much, Susan),  offered to send an Angel Block to you for me.  Now I am home and being Queen in July, am considering a Christmas in July block myself.  Maybe I would finish it by Christmas this year!  I wanted to test drive your selection, so here you are.  It is so cute!  I cannot wait to see your quilt.  It was loads of fun going through my holiday stash and to make this block for you.  I sure hope you like it!  I will send it out with my June block for Queen Abigail.

1 comment:

Puppilalla said...

It is a beautiful block. Very striking.