Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hive 8 June Block For Katrin.

     When I first saw Katrin's bee block I loved it, but I ran into some road blocks when making it.  At first I didn't think I had any suitable fabrics in my stash so I went to my LQS and only found one fat quarter that I thought would work.  I went back to my stash and found three other suitable fabrics.
      Katrin sent us the fabric she wanted us to use for the background of the blocks.  
          Here's my block.  It went together fairly easily until I got to the part where we had to  attach the triangles to the centre.  At one point I thought I would just have to send Katrin the four block components along with the little triangles and let her attach the triangles.  But then I hit on the idea of drawing the quarter inch onto the little triangles and folding the seam allowance on the line.  That made alignment of the triangles go together fairly easily except that for some reason my sewing machine decided it wanted to eat the yellow block.  But it all came together in the end and I'm pleased with the result.  It is sure to make a beautiful quilt Katrin. I'll put it in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

     All the best Lisa


Cyndi said...

Great fabric choices. Beautiful

Puppilalla said...

Wow, the block is very beautiful! Can't wait for it to arrive. Sorry about the troubles on the road, I hope you still enjoyed making it. =)

June D said...

Interesting choices for the fabric. Nicely done!

Lisa J. said...

Yes I did enjoy making the block !