Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hive 3 June Block for Marie

Greetings from Hive 3! This month's bear paw for me turned out to be a bear of a challenge. I didn't have much in my stash that would work well, but some of my fellow guild members came to my rescue. I hope these fabrics will fit in with the rest of your blocks.

Marie had asked us about our first job. Mine was as a coat check girl in our family's high end restaurant. I didn't have a paycheck but worked solely for tips. It was a super easy job and it allowed me to sit and do my homework.  My first paying job was working at a dry cleaner's. Definitely nothing glamorous.

~ Diana @ Red Delicious Life


CooperQuilter said...

Thank you, Diana!
I think the combination of your colors will work out great.

Puppilalla said...

Very nice =)