Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hive 8 June Block for Katrin

Hello Hive 8!

Here's my June block.  I'm seriously crushing on the colour palette Katrin chose - the finished quilt is going to be striking!

This will be on it's way to Germany tomorrow...cross your fingers that it makes it out of the country before Canada Post goes on strike! (While you're at it, cross your fingers that they don't go on strike at all, otherwise next month's block may not get to June too quickly)

Katrin, I hope you like the block!


Puppilalla said...

Hi Liz, Thank you for the block. The fabrics you chose play all very nicely with oneanother. I can't wait to see how the blocks all look together =) whoot!

June D said...

Lovely fabric selection for the block!