Friday, June 24, 2016

Hive 3 Angel block for Marie

Hi!  I'm hoping over from Hive 6 this month.  When I saw plaids my first thought was, I have those!  I hope that they fit in with your other blocks.  I did not sew them into the finished square in case you needed to mix them up some more.  So, since I didn't I created a couple extra smaller blocks for you.  

My first job was at Rag Shop, a fabric and craft store.  The entire company went out of business in 2007, which was very sad.  I still miss that store.  It is where I was given freedom to create, where my love of fabrics (and collecting them) started, and also where I worked when I made my first quilt. 


Puppilalla said...

Very nice bear paws. I think they will fit right in. =)

CooperQuilter said...

Received these in the mail.
Thank you for stepping in so well! And for the extra fabric. It certainly will come in handy.