Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crashing Hive 3 with Bear's Paws

Hi Marie,
I simply had to crash your Hive this month as I incidentally had plaids in my stash that fit in with your requested colour scheme. I will not assemble the paws into a block but send them as they are. Consider them spare parts. This way you are free to combine them with other paws that might reach you or that you might make. I hope you like them.

All the best over from Hive 8


I mailed the block on 13/06/2016


CooperQuilter said...

Thank you, Katrin.
These blocks will work perfectly!

Unknown said...

What great plaids!! I really love that aqua/turquise!

CooperQuilter said...

Received your block today, Katrin. Looks great and I thank you again for crashing my plaid paws!