Friday, June 24, 2016

Hive 3 May - Catherine Wheel quilt

Hello ladies, it's Gina here.

I'd like to thank all the ladies of my hive and the others who gatecrashed it for all my lovely Catherine Wheel blocks. As well as the blocks themselves I also received some extra HST's and squares. With these I was able to make a few extra blocks to get a great 20 block quilt.

I had enough of your HST's over to bring the pinwheels out into the border.  This means it's a great sized cwtch ( Welsh for cuddle ) quilt just for me.

I'm going to quilt a simple all over swirling design and bind it in white.

I also had a few of the smaller hsts left over from you so I've pieced what will be a cushion cover to go with the quilt.

Thank you once again ladies, I am so grateful. When it's all finished and I'm settled underneath it I will think of all my quilting friends over the water.

Love and hugs to you all xx


Sherry said...

What a beautiful quilt! And you finished the top so quickly! I am very impressed.

I love the extra block that you made from the half square triangles. . . I was playing around with some scraps last night and came up with something similar but I like yours much better!

Have a wonderful day,

Sherry V.

Cut&Alter said...

Just lovely Gina - what a fantastic quilt you will have. Abigail X

Cyndi said...

Congratulations on your finish!!. Love how it turned out and that is great being able to use up the extra HST. Had fun looking for the block I sent. Enjoy!

Lauren said...

Wonderful quilt. I love seeing the end result

Kim V said...

A fast finish. I had to go back to your tutorial to see the start block. Love the secondary patterns that appear in the completed top.

Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Wow, this turned out even better than I imagined! It's beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love it turned out beautiful

Unknown said...

It really is beauitufl..