Friday, June 24, 2016

June Block for Em Hive 4

Hi everyone!

Since my last post, I have visited an additional few countries of Europe and bought a house!  My life has been so busy!  Here is a picture of my new house (complete with new roof and new front window):

Thankfully, I've got my sewing room set up!  And I have an entire room to sew in, which is different than my previous residence.  Em, I'm so glad to christen my new room with your block!

So much fun!  I look forward to seeing everyone else's block!


Kim V said...

Congratulations! Is this your first time being a homeowner? It's adorable.

Rose Braun said...

Love your block, congrats on the new house. It looks great.

Unknown said...

Kim - Yep, first house! It is certainly exciting!