Friday, February 2, 2018

Hive 3 February Tutorial

Happy February, Quilty Friends!  I am Lee, your queen of Hive 3.  I am a mom in Connecticut who spends all of my spare time sewing and collecting fabric... I am a firm believer in the fact that fabric shopping and collecting is a related, but completely separate hobby from quilting.  And my gawd do I love buying fabric.  Any who... last year I was also in Hive 3, March was my month in 2017, and I will be asking for the same thing now as I did then...
A star block.  Any size block,  in any technique that you choose.  The most difficult part will surely be the freedom to choose.  So many beautiful star blocks out there!
My colors are navy blue and coral/peach. You may include shots of hot pink, lavender, and pale yellow.
Attached are some blocks that I made last year, and were sent to me as well.  Have fun with it, and if you have a question, hit me up on Instagram, where I go by @Zanytaylor

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