Monday, February 5, 2018

January in February Hive 4

2018 and I are having words.  We are not getting along very well.  I’m hoping we can work out out issues.  Sorry this is posted late.  Hope you like pink.  I have quite a lot of it.  I’m always happy to use up scraps to make a lovely block!
In the mail in the morning, Paulette!


Snowcatcher said...

Oooo, that is a lovely block! I love pinks, and I love using up scraps, too, so this block really inspires!

Scrapatches said...

Nice block! I really like this block pattern ... :) Pat

scraps125 said...

It's lovely Debbie. And I see Matryoshka dolls. I have Russian heritage on my mothers side. I will treasure this.