Sunday, February 21, 2016

Orange Peel Block for Renae

     I can't believe I got this done as February threw a couple of challenges my way.  I started out with a flu that lasted a couple of weeks and just when I was starting to get over that an elderly relative who lives in a different city was hospitalized and we have been back and forth to the city visiting and dealing with the health crisis and issues in her living situation.

     The block itself came with challenges.  Like others in our group this was the first time for me using the interfacing method of applique.  I found rounding the curves to be a challenge and it was a bit tricky fitting those big orange peels onto those little background blocks.  But that's why we join these bees for the challenge, and to learn new things.

     I also discovered when I started sewing the sections of the block together that my background piece under the pink orange peel was too small by 1/4 inch in one direction so I unpicked the stitches, pulled the orange peel off, recut the background , ironed and pinned it onto the new piece and sewed it down.  It worked.

     So not without issues but done and will be in the mail this week.  I hope you like it Renae


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June D said...

Gosh, when it rains it pours Lisa! But you managed to make a very pretty block in the middle of all the chaos in your life right now! : )