Monday, February 15, 2016

Hive 8 February Block

This here is my finished block.  This block, while beautiful, and on my block bucket list for some time, was something of a mission for me.  First, my printer is not hooked up and is without ink, so off to the library to print the template.  Then, our Queen wanted black on white background squares.  I dug through my stash to find exactly one yard tha fit that bill. So off to my LQS (seriously don't need much of an excuse to do that, though). Now black on white... Seems simple enough, yes!? No!  There are so.  Many. Shades.  Of white. And to be honest, the true whites that had a my LQS I wasn't that keen on.  I'm bought some of the Black and white collection from Cotton&Steel and Modern Background from Moda and I hope for the best. I also bought a FQ of a true white and black polka dot that I wouldn't normally buy.  Renae, I hope you like it because you are getting the rest.  
Okay...background is done, now the fun and easy parts, the bright summery peels.  These are my colors.  I played around a bit and got it done.  The tutorial was very easy to follow. 

See that bottom right square.  Tula Pink.  Adorable, yes?  Yes, but after too long staring, it just doesn't fit.  It's not saturated enough.  Time for a redo. 

This here is the finished block.  Renae, I hope the whites are white enough and the peels are saturated enough.  I may have over thought some things a bit. If you didn't see a problem with the Tula Pink block, good because you are getting that too.  


Puppilalla said...

Nice fabric choices =)

June D said...

These do look really nice. I especially like the petals. : )