Friday, February 12, 2016

February Blocks for Hive 8

Here is one of the blocks I'm mailing off to Renae!

We had several behind the scenes emails to double check fabric choices and directions for how to make the block.  In the end it was very easy to make,  and really together with the other blocks will make a most striking quilt.

I'll update this when I actually mail...

Update: 2-24-16  Finally got to the post office and sent the package off!  Before I did though I put together the parts for one more block.  I left things disconnected so she can put the petals on lighter fabric if she wants.  Also included some rough cut neutral charms.  


April said...

I've used this block before. Super cute and yes it will make an amazing quilt! Great job. :)

Puppilalla said...

Wonderful choice of fabrics. The solids work so well with the striking background prints. =)

June D said...

You two are so sweet! Thanks for the good thoughts!
Renae picked a good block to try out, that's for sure!