Friday, February 5, 2016

January 2016 Hive 4 Block

Sorry about being late making this post. I moved last weekend. Things are so hectic I sent my block on time but forgot to take pictures first.  OOPS. Thankfully Katie took pics for me.

I had a great time picking out reds for this block.  Sewing this up tested my ability to do a 1/4" seam and I'm glad at it did. With the craziness of moving it was nice to slow down and be careful with my sewing.

Stash Bee Q&A

1. Name: Julia

2. Where you live: I just bought a condo in Arlington, MA with my BFF. We moved last weekend & while I know where my sewing machine is, the sewing table is buried under boxes. SIGH.

3. Tell us about your family:  I'm a single queer woman with a cat and I live happily & platonically with my BFF.  Both our mothers want us to marry each other, though buying property together has made them happy.  My brother and his wife had an adorable baby girl last year.  My niece is basically the cutest ever.  She has dimples on dimples.

4. Tell us about your pets:  I have a super adorable little grey tuxedo cat named Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Baby Ruth for short).  She's a polydactyl cat with extra toes on all her little paws.    
5. How long have you been quilting? About two years.
6. What crafts do you do other than quilting:  I've been sewing since I was a teen. I make garments, costumes and now baby clothes for my niece. I enjoy knitting but discovering I have allergies to yarn made with animal fibers has slowed this down.

7. Fabric line you want to buy next:
I'm a Tula Pink nut. However what I'm going to buy next are some fabrics from Sarah Jane "Sommer"
8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.):
I've been doing straight line quilting on my home machine.  I'm experimenting with FMQ but I'm not ready to do a whole quilt yet.
9. Where we can find you on social media: I'm sparkymonster on Instagram & twitter. There isn't much quilting content there.
10. Favorite book: I'm a librarian so this is very rough.  The last book I read that made me gasp was "Fifth Season" by N.K. Jemisin.  

11. Favorite show to binge watch: Murder She Wrote. I love Jessica Fletcher so much.


zaney said...

I LOVE your cats name!

rappy said...

I just saw a picture of your house on Instagram and when can I move in?! IT. IS. AMAZING!