Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hive 8 - Orange Peel Block

This month's block presented a few challenges for me.  I've never used interfacing before, for one!  I also had hand surgery in January and this was the first time I tried to measure and cut since getting the cast off.  It took a lot longer than I anticipated, so I was grateful that this block did not require very many pieces.  Renae said we could stitch the peels down or leave that for her to do.  I tried to stitch them down on my first attempt at the block, and the results were less than ideal, so I am leaving them for her on my second attempt.

I'll put this in the mail on Tuesday.

1 comment:

June D said...

Great fabrics. This was a good block for you this month since you are recovering. Hope the time to back to normal for you comes soon!