Monday, February 8, 2016

Hive 8 - February Block for Renae - Orange Peel

Hello ladies, gentlemen and those of you who are as of yet undecided, I hope to find you well and inspired to sew further bee blocks.

Our Hive 8 Queen Bee Renae asked us to knock up (to continue the knock knocks) an ‘Orange Peel’ block in happy colours against a black on white background this month. The finished quilt is simply bound to look gorgeous.

Here my addition to her quilt top. I hope it suits.

I mailed the block on 09/02/2016.

As the February Queen Bee of my other quilting bee also asked for an ‘Orange Peel’ type block, I got to practice two ways of going about creating that look this month. The other one is called ‘Wanna Fanta’ and had us partially paper foundation piece the blocks. Both techniques were fun but presented their own challenges.

A bit of January trivia…

I read the introductory posts in fascination last month but have to admit that I did not manage to read all 99 of them. Also the blocks you all made looked so nice. I was very excited for February to come round to keep sewing.

Meanwhile, elsewhere – to honour David Bowie my Ukulele practice group has decided to learn to play a four-part version of ‘The man who sold the world’, using the arrangement of this talented French group.

…and non-trivia…

Sewing wise, I wrote a ‘Polaroid Block’ tutorial to rally help for a cancer relief quilt for a five year old little boy who got diagnosed with a brain tumour. The response was very kind and I got a lot of support promises for blocks and ‘polaroids’. I am currently waiting for the first letters to arrive. Sewing wise the project will remain my focus until it is done and handed over to the little patient, which will hopefully be by mid-March.

I cannot thank the donors enough for their support and encouragement in this matter. 

Should YOU find yourself in a tight spot completing a project that is close to your heart, do not hesitate to contact me, I will help out.


June D said...

Nice looking block, you found terrific fabrics for the petals and background. And your points look perfect!

Puppilalla said...

Thanks June =)