Monday, January 6, 2020

Hive 1 January Red Block for Amanda

Hi, this is my first time participating in the Stash Bee block exchange and my first ever blog post.  Doing new things is a great way to start the year!

This was a fun block to make.  Please let me know if the little bit of black in my white is offensive.  It was the only true white in my stash.  For about a minute I thought about going to the store but didn’t want to break the “stash” rule.  Was I wrong to use what I had?

To answer Amanda’s question about what else I love to do, I must say reading, road trips with my husband, and spending time with family.   Karen


Amanda said...

Hi Karen,

You're fine to use what you had. In the future you might want to check with the Queen Bee before using it, just to double check.


Karen Derrick said...

Ah ha! Ok, next time I will do that... once I figure out again who is the QB... :). Still getting accustomed to nomenclature and hierarchy.... I’m happy to make another block with pure white if desired, honesty, please just let me know.