Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hive 1: January tutorial - red quilt

A while ago I made a green quilt and had the thought it could be fun to make a quilt of every color.  Well, I don't have much red so that is the perfect type of quilt for a bee!

You'll need 9 squares of 5x5" red fabric.  Duplicate fabrics are fine.  Any red is fine (light red to dark red).  Please stay away from fabrics that don't 'read' with red as the main color though.  Solids are lovely and batiks are fine, but please stay away from novelty prints.  Here are my's pretty much my whole red stash, so there aren't a ton of examples.

Cut 9 rectangles of white (solid white is preferred, but white on white is fine) that are about 6" x 2".

Mark the back of the red squares.  Please mark in the same way as shown below: on the bottom of the square such that the line slopes down...this is where a tiny amount of improv shows up.  As long as the line doesn't start more than 2" from the bottom, doesn't end more than 3/8" from the bottom, and slopes down it is a good line.

Add your white rectangle behind the red square so that there is a 1/4" overlap between the line and the edge of the white rectangle.  (The arrow in the picture below is the 1/4".)  Sew on the marked line.

Press the white rectangle up.  (I changed red fabrics in the pictures for some reason.)

Square up to 5x5".

Trim the hidden red fabric so there is only a 1/4" seam. (Photo shows before the cut.)

Arrange the blocks so the white lines are arranged like below.

Sew together, please press seams open.

Since we're a blogger hive, shall we include a question to be answered when posting your final block?  If you don't want to answer that's's just for fun.  For January, ...hmm.  What is one (or more) of your hobbies besides quilting?  For me, it would mainly be reading.  It's the thing that tends to keep me up too late at night.  I also like playing with Legos and playing games.

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Pam Chamberlin said...

It's a great block Amanda. Thanks for the clear instructions.