Monday, July 16, 2018

Hive 1 May (for Liz), June (Sherry) & July (Kim)

Well the last few months haven't gone quite to plan here in VERY sunny England....

I simple change of sofa, turned into a full redecoration, new carpets, new sofa and new every other bit of furniture possible in my living room.....

Combine that with the hottest temperatures on record and a lot of work travel.....   a 4 week project ended up closer to 10 weeks!!

During which my sewing machine was buried under the living room clutter!!!

Fast forward and I now have a superb living room....  and 3 blocks caught up!!

Firstly May for Liz,  I struggle with pale, so hope these are ok.  I also don't like half square triangles - but love how this block came together!!

Colours are looking strange on my screen -

June for Sherry - this was a fun block!

July for Kim - I love polaroid iSpy blocks.  These have a UK tourist theme  :)

 All caught up and ready for August!


Liz Horgan said...

Jo--I love all the blocks!
Isn't it usually the case that you expect something to work out the way you plan, only to have it not!!
Thank you for the block.

Kim V said...

Than you for the lovely blocks. We’ll have a history lesson on what a telephone booth was! Cute.