Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hive 4 July Block Tutorial

I apologize for getting this in late, but just had an incredible vacation at home (California) for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  Well Happy July to all my wonderful sewing friends.  This is my third year being in Stash Bee and I have loved every second.  This year has been tough because all year "life happens" has happened.  But here we are in July and all is well. 

Just a little bit about me.  California will always be home, but have lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa close to twenty years.   I work as a diagnostic assistant in Radiology for St. Lukes Hospital.  Have three grown children in California and two grandchildren.   Really enjoy sewing, but still consider myself a Confident Beginner.  The best part of Stash Bee, is that it introduces me to many different patterns and I learn new metods.

This month I am asking you all to make a block called BUTTERCUP.   I made this block for another online bee and really liked it.   I am wanting a lot of variety so my friends, it is up to you what color the Buttercup and little flower bud will be.   I would like the background to be white or white on white and the leaves can be any color of green that you may have.  Am thinking the scrappiness of this will make the quilt interesting.  So let us begin.   This block is from a really good website called Patchwork Square.   Here is the link   I would like you to use the directions for the 12 inch block:

Background (white or white on white) you will need the following:

Cut 3 squares 4 1/2"
Cut 2 squares 4 7/8" and bisect on one diagonal
Cut 1 square 2 1/2"
Cut 1 rectangle 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

"Flower" This is up to what you would like

Cut 1 square 4 1/2"
Cut 1 square 4 7/8" and bisect on one diagonal

"Flower Bud"  Again, up to what you would like

Cut 1 square 2 1/2"

Leaf  Any shade of green you would like

Cut 1 square 4 7/8" and bisect on one diagonal

Again, so sorry that I am late with this tutorial.    Please please get in touch with me if you have any questions.  I am at   Hoping you enjoy the easy way this block goes together.

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