Monday, July 2, 2018

Basic Polaroid Blocks Tutorial for Hive 1

     Greetings Hivemates!  Sorry about the delay in getting this posted but the heatwave this past weekend and a Lakehouse before the 4th of July spells company so getting this out is a bit delayed.  I first met some dear friends of mine while strolling through a community wide rummage.  Their sweet little four month old daughter, nicknamed “Binky” was in a stroller, and over the years became friends with our son.  Thirty two years later, Binky is now soon to be a mom, so this “Eye Spy-Polaroid” quilt will be for her son. (Recently revealed at a gender reveal party.)
       This should be an easy block.  Basically, a 2.5 inch fussy cut fabric sashed on three sides with 1” inch white strips and one side with 1.5” sashing.  These can be chain pieced.  I found a fabulous free tutorial on  If you go to that website, at the bottom under free patterns type it is the tutorial for Basic Polaroid Block.  I would like four pictures, but do not sew them together.  Once I receive the blocks, I plan to set them in a unifying blue background.  Here’s my pull for the 2.5 inch centers for my pictures.  Thank you for the help.

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Rose Braun said...

What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to get started. Enjoy the warm week. Happy 4th!