Friday, June 1, 2018

Hive 6 Block for June

Hive 6 Super Simple Basket Block for June 2018

Hello from Diane in Wisconsin.  This is my super simple Basket block.  It will finish to a 12 inch block;  12.5" unfinished

These are the three fabrics I chose:
A low volume print for the background
Watermelon color for the flowers / triangles
Brown polka dot for the basket

Some alternative colors would be:
more shades of melon
Pink or Peach
Darker color for the basket

To make this Basket Block, you will need 

..  TEN 3.5" unfinished half sq triangles
of which six will be flower color and four will be basket color
..  SIX 3.5" cut size squares
of which five will be background color and one will be basket color

Block layout is 4x4 at 3" fin each:     It will finish to a 12 inch block;  12.5" unfinished.

There are several methods to sew the half square triangles.  You can cut 3.5 inch, sew through the middle and throw the smaller half away less the 1/4 inch seam.
Or you could cut 4 inch, draw a line down the middle and then sew on both sides a 1/4 inch seam;  trim if necessary to 3 inch finished.

I like to sew 3 inch fin half square triangles with Thangles:

Put pieces into rows and rows into one 12" fin block.
Press to one side or press open as you prefer.

Enjoy this Hive 6 super simple Basket block for June.
Diane in Wisconsin

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