Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Block for Debbie

All I can say is that May just flew by. Here's Debbie's block. It will be on it's way on Monday since the post office is closed today.

It was a quick one and ohh, so pretty! It should be a lovely quilt.

Now I have to thank her for adding yet another quilt onto my "must make" list. I could see this block in this color with others made from a blue-greenish, and a yellow-orangish, and a orange-reddish, and a yellow-greenish. Oh, those tertiary colors. Do they have names?

What I Learned Today:
  1. Time does not stand still. Whoever said that any way?
  2. I have another quilt I'd like to make.
  3. Being in a Bee group is not helping me eliminate the number of new quilts I want to make.
  4. Three year olds have more energy than I do.
Question: What have you been working on? I have a new grandson who finally decided to make his appearance into this world 14 days overdue. We were all pacing towards the end. But mom and baby are now doing well. However, his Papa and this Tu-Na are tired after caring for his older brother.

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