Monday, June 18, 2018

Tu-Na Quilts: A block for Tori in Hive 4

On the first of June, I gathered my fabrics for Tori's quilt block. Surely, the yellow fabrics would work perfectly with her quilt. She asked us to use bright solid or tone on tone fabrics with no prints. I didn't have a lot of choice except in yellows.

And then they sat, until a few days ago. After seeing that several other bee mates had actually made and sent their yellow blocks already and that she has already made and received a bunch of yellow ones from last year's Bee, I knew I'd have to rethink this block. She was looking for a rainbow of colors. So I headed back to my shelves to dig a little deeper for another color or that rainbow quilt of hers would be mostly yellow.

I hope you like your green block, Tori, and that it will play nicely with all the other ones that arrive.

 You can find the tutorial for this pattern here on Tori's post. It sewed up quickly. Although my pic loaded lying on its side, it doesn't really matter, as this block is square and can be turned any direction.

What I Learned Today:
  1. The early bird gets the worm or in other words, those that procrastinate must work a little harder. In my case this means, if I had sewn that block up right away and mailed it I wouldn't have had to scramble to find a different color.

Question: Do you make your blocks right away or are you scrambling at month's end to get them finished? Although, I have good intentions each month, I'm usually scrambling to get them finished and in the mail. Maybe next month will be different.

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Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

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scraps125 said...

Your green is lovely. I try to get my commitments done early but find a deadline often has me scrambling.