Friday, June 1, 2018

Hive 2 June Tutorial - Improv Scrap-buster Squares

Hello Hive 2! I'm so happy to be your leader this month. I have many of these blocks already made from another bee, but my five-year-old daughter chose this WIP for her bed size quilt. I'm hoping you will help me get enough blocks to finish it for her.

My name is Em. I live outside of St Louis Missouri, and I'm part of the st. Louis Modern Quilt Guild. I started quilting eight and a half years ago, when my oldest daughter was a toddler. I had scraps from a bunch of dresses and baby carriers that I had made, so I thought I would put them together into a quilt. Little did I know, that was only the beginning.

This block is a great scrap Buster! There is very little measuring, so I hope you will find it quick and easy to put together.

1. Dig into your scrap bins and find a bunch of scraps of the same color. Add a couple of scraps from a color adjacent on the color wheel. Blue will have a little green OR a little purple. Orange will have a little red / pink OR a little yellow.

2. Without thinking about it too much, grab a couple scraps and sew them together. Then grab a couple more and sew them together. Keep going until you have an improv piece that you can trim to a 9 inch square.

3. Cut a 10in square from a solid white fabric. Any brand will do, but just plain old white, no snow / cream / off-white, please. Subcut that square along each diagonal to make four triangles.

4. Sew each of the four triangles along their longest side to an edge of the 9 inch improv square you just made.

5. Grab four more scraps of the main color of your block. Sew one across each corner of the block. No need to measure, any angle will do.

6. Trim the corners 1/4 inch away from the seam, press open, and trim the block to 12.5 inches. You're done!

P.S. since we are an Instagram group in this an Instagram group in this bee, I edited my photos to the insta friendly. I'm going to attempt to post this tutorial to Instagram in addition to here on the blog. Let me know if you like that format.

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Kerry P said...

So fun! Great block!