Friday, June 1, 2018

Hive 5 June Tutorial

      I'm so happy to be this month's Queen Bee and am looking forward to having everyone make a fun, scrappy block for me. This is my second year in Stash Bee; I sometimes get photos of the sweet baby quilt (getting lots of love) that my hive mates helped me with last year. This year I have chosen the color wash block designed by scrap quilter extraordinaire, Cynthia Brunz. She puts these blocks together in a quilt called Geese Migration. I'm not exactly sure how I will put my blocks together - but I know it will be beautiful, with your help!

    I would like blocks made with a wide variety of low volume prints and one solid color that pulls out the most common color of the low volume prints you select. I especially like blues and greens, except teal, but will be happy with any choice you make. I pulled a pile of low volume squares from my container of 2.5" squares and then choose a solid color that coordinated.

This is what I started with, then realized the peachy pinks did not fit. I swapped a few fabrics exchanging pinks for greens.

My low volume prints needed a blue or green solid. My solid fabric stash is limited, I keep saying I'll buy more solids but the prints always call to me! 

For this block you will need:
 (15) 2.5" low volume squares
 (10) 2.5" solid colored squares
 (5)  2.5" x 4.5" low volume rectangles

Lay out the low volume squares in a pleasing way. These can fade top to bottom, from light to dark, dark to light, or mixed, as I did. Then, use the solid squares with the rectangles to make five flying geese units. I used the Folded Corners ruler to make my flying geese; I'm enjoying this ruler when making geese one at a time. Lay out your print squares and geese units in rows and sew together to make five rows. Press seams in each row in alternating directions to enable the rows to fit together nicely. The block will finish at 10", or 10.5" unfinished. 

Cynthia has made the pattern for Geese Migration available free to everyone! Please take a look at her website for many examples of this block if you are not familiar with it.  You will find a link to the free pattern just below the third photo on this page from Cynthia's blog, Quilting is More Fun than Housework, <>

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing the colors you choose!



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Amy York said...

Cute block!! This will be fun to make.