Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Cat's Meow - A Purrfect Finish

 I am beyond thrilled with how my Hive 1 quilt turned out this year. This is the first time I've finished a bee quilt in the same year I got the blocks, but since it's for a charity auction later this month, I was under a deadline. 

I can't thank my hive mates and everyone who crashed it to help me make such an amazing quilt for a good cause. My cat Poe also thanks you!

~ Diana @ Red Delicious Life


Gayle said...

Great finish, Diana! I like the rainbow effect!

Nicole Powers said...

I absolutely love it! The quilting along the edge is perfection. Beautiful job!

Adrienne said...

It looks AMAZING!!!!!!

Rita Geyermann said...

Diana, that quilt is absolutely gorgeous!
The rainbow gradiation is perfect and I'm blown away by the way you quilted the border!
Really sorry, that I can't be at the auction!!

Marie said...

Oh Diana,
This is a fantastic quilt!