Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Hive 1 - April - Diamond Star for Rita

 Hi Rita,

Ok, this was a really fun one!! I did a test block with printer paper and while it fold nicely, it doesn't cooperate with my machine so I ordered newsprint paper. That is a game changer! I want to paper piece everything now!

 My test block was with some lovely mints but the pieces were a bit short on the edges so I went diving into more bins. I found some amazing ombre Stonehenge fabrics I have been "saving" (i.e. forgot I had it).

I am putting it in the mail tomorrow 😁 Can't wait to see it all done!


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Rita Geyermann said...

Hi Adrienne,

Wow! Thank you so much for this block! I can't believe, you actually ordered special paper just for this and made the block twice!
Really love the fabric! Can't wait to see it in real :).

Thank you again,