Saturday, April 1, 2023

Hive 6 - April Tutorial - Scrappy Bear Paw

 I'm so excited for this block - it's one of my favorite blocks and I have used it in quite a few different ways.  This one was inspired by a finished quilt I saw on Instagram by @tilkumviilaaja.  I was scrolling and stopped in my tracks - it just caught my eye.  It fits beautifully into my theme this year - "do something with the mountains of scraps you have in your room!"  Though I will tell you, I have cut for days and have yet to see any change in the mountain.  

Completed block

As you can see, this is a scrappy block.  And you will not be sending a finished block to me.  I am asking for you to send me 4 quarters instead.  That will make it easier for you and I will be mixing up the quarters you send with quarters I make and quarters others send.  That will make all the different fabrics blend well.  The pink center will be the only piece that is the same in every block. The finished quilt is 36 blocks.

What you will send

For the colored scraps, use bright, vibrant colors.  Pattern, batiks are ok.  Fussy cuts are ok.  It will all blend.
No licensed characters.  Avoid dark colors, muddy colors, black, brown, or fabrics that are primarily white.  

For the background, choose blacks or charcoals with a tone on tone look-or use solid black or dark gray/charcoal.  It will all blend!
Yes (the one with dots is black with darker gray dots)

Avoid background choices that have a white or color pattern in them or are very light gray

Avoid these (the one here with dots is black with white dots)

 What you need:

Let’s talk about the HSTs.  Each quarter has (4) 2 1/2 inch HSTs for a total of 16 HSTs in the block. As you can see in the finished block, each of the 16 total HSTs are different and I am going to let you decide how you want to do that.  Since the 4 quarters you send me won’t be sewn together in a finished block, you can use this tutorial for 4 at a time HSTs.  If you prefer, you can use this tutorial for 2 at a time HSTs.  That will make your quarters even more varied. 

If making 4 at a time HSTs (a total of 16):

Cut (4) 4 1/4” squares each of colored fabric and background fabric. Try to vary the colors. Please try to use 4 different background fabrics if possible.  It’s ok if not.  Follow tutorial. Trim each HST to 2 1/2”.


If making 2 at a time HSTs (a total of 16):

 Cut (8) 3” squares each of colored fabric and background fabric.  Each colored fabric should be different.  Please use a variety of background fabrics if possible.  Follow the tutorial.  Trim each HST to 2 1/2”.

PSA: BlocLoc is amazing!

For the remainder of the quarters:

(4) 2 1/2“ background squares

(16) 2 1/2” vibrant and varied colored squares

(4) 2” x 6 1/2” background rectangles


 Assembling the Quarters

Choose (4) colored 2 1/2" squares, (4) 2 1/2 HSTs, (1) 2 1/2" background square.  Please be sure all of the colored fabrics are different in each quarter.  It's not important if the background fabrics in each piece are different within the quarters.  It is fine if colored fabrics show up again in different quarters.  All 4 of your quarters could even be the same if that's easier.  Again - I am mixing them all together.  They will blend.  Arrange as shown:

Sew each quarter as you wish.  I used a scant 1/4" seam, sewed in rows, pressed each row to the opposite direction as that made it easiest to nest the seams.  At this point, your block should measure 6.5" by 6.5".  Add the 2" x 6.5" block to the right side as shown.  Your final dimensions should be 8" by 6.5".  

Here are the 3 blocks I have finished.  This is going to take a while but I think it will be lovely and make a good dent in my sizable scrap mountain.  At least, I sure hope so!

Thank you!!!!

Debbie Grosskopf

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