Monday, May 31, 2021

Hive 6 June Tutorial- Block for Monica

 Hello, Beemates! I hope you're all enjoying the beginning of summer! Here's the block for June.

I chose this block for my month after seeing an Instagram post by @quiltpraylove. Isn't it gorgeous!?

A huge thank you to her for sending me the measurements for her 8.5" block! I modified those measurements to make a 12.5" block. This will be a lot like Carla's plan, where one block will be the same color family plus low volume for the background. Let's get started, shall we?

Here's what you'll need to cut:

Color prints: 3.5" squares (4 for the center)
                     2" squares (8 for the corner 4 patches)

Low volume prints: 3.5" squares (8 for the sides and top/bottom)
                                2" squares (8 for the corner 4 patches)

First, sew the 4 3.5" color squares in a 4 patch to make up the center.

Then, we'll make the corner 4 patch units. You'll need to make 4 of these. If you're using directional fabric, you'll have to pay attention to fabric placement to make sure you get 2 units with color prints going in each diagonal direction like this:

Once these 4 patches are finished, we can layout the block like this:

Sew the pairs of low volume square together and then sew the rows together as for a 9 patch. Here's what the finished block will look like:

Please use whatever color you want or have enough of in your stash. I'm not worried about having duplicates of colors because I want to make this quilt fairly big so I'll need lots.

This is the first tutorial I've written so let me know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!

Monica Smith (cable_and_selvage)

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