Saturday, May 1, 2021

Hive 5 May Tutorial - Modern Trees Block


Hello!  I am excited to be participating in StashBee again this year.  Back in 2018, the block I chose was Modern Trees from Diary of a Quilter

I received so many great blocks, and would really like to increase the size and finish this WIP this year, so I have chosen to go with this block again.  I was going to change it up and play with the sizes of trees, but think that with all the bright colo(u)rs and black and white contrast there is already so much going on that I don't need to add scale into the mix.  I know this block is a popular one in StashBee, I hope this colo(u)rway gets everyone jazzed up about these modern trees.  For those who have done this block before, you know its a quick one.  And the wonkier the better!

For colo(u)rs, think BRIGHT AND BOLD MODERN PRINTS!   Multi colo(u)red or tone on tone. Please keep your batiks, 30's or civil war style, and trademarked novelty prints for other projects.   

For the BLACK AND WHITE MODERN PRINTS, and if your stash allows, only in black and white (or offwhite) with no other colo(u)r.  I like selecting good contrasting play between the two fabric patterns.  Please keep your low volume grays for your other projects.

The pair of blocks should end up around 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 each, no need to trim, I can trim down to size or work with it if it is a tad short.   Here are some trees that my amazing bee-mates made back in 2018!  

You can see the whole post at the link below, where I go into the same detail as the Diary of a Quilter tutorial, and with more fabric inspiration pics.

Stashbee post from 2018

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