Monday, March 1, 2021

Hive 5 March Tutorial - Busy Block

 Jennifer's Block for March 2021- Busy Block

I really look forward to the beginning of each month to see what you all have chosen.  I always enjoy putting together a block or two for you.  I'm excited that it is my turn.  

I have chosen a paper-pieced block I saw on another hive several years ago.

The block is from Blossom Heart Quilts and is called Busy.  The tutorial and paper piece download is here.  You will need to print 4 templates.

I am asking for 4 of the components that make up one block. They can be all different - but please don't sew them together.

I would like sea glass colors, highly saturated greens and blues.  Prints are preferred, but not batiks or children's prints.  

I usually just buy a fat quarter here and there, but to give you an idea of what I like, I looked up some fabric lines, they are: Laminx from  Heather Moore of Cloud 9, Animal Crackers by Sweetwater, Figures by Zen Chic.  Blocks do not need to be those brands specifically, but you get the idea.  

Here are the main colors I like for the for the center of this block:

This block is paper pieced.  There are many tutorials out there on paper piecing that can explain it better than I can.  This finishes at 6 x 6 inches.

If you don't have paper piecing paper, just drop me a note and I'll print out the template on the paper piecing paper and drop it in the mail.  I seem to have a lot of the paper piecing paper.

Don't forget to reduce your stitch size - I use 2.5 for paper piecing.

I tend to make a mess when I'm paper piecing - here is what this block looked like mid-way:

In addition to the blue or green sea-glass colors, there is pale/pastel light yellow or light pink, light/medium grey and white/ivory in this block.  

You can choose solids or prints for these sections.

When paper piecing here is the guide:

A1 = jewel tone

A2 & A5 = pale/pastel light yellow or light pink

A3 & A6 = light/medium grey

A4 & A7 = white / ivory

As a tip, here is what I like to do to make sure I don't mess up - I write the names on every block, this way I can just grab the right piece and sew.

You leave the paper on or take it off.

Amy York requested the same block in a previous stashbee - you can see her tutorial by clicking on the word 'stashbee'.  All her blocks together are here.

I'm going for the same type of configuration, just with a different color pattern.

Thank you so much!

My instagram is @JennQuilts

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