Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tutorial Hive 1 March - T-Junction Block

 Hello Hive 1 Bee Mates!

I am excited to see what you make of my Block request this month!

I was thinking lately... All these restrictions we have to deal with worldwide, there is mainly nothing we can do about the impacts on our lives. Now, I wondered, which decisions/choices I can make to improve my personal live at the moment.

All this pondering brought me (in a long-winded, round-about-way) to the idea to request 

a ‘T-Junction Block’ from you.

All those choices and decisions sewn into a quilt! The quilt I envision, will be colourful. Just as I hope my live is/going to be! 

Now, I am sure this kind of block is out there somewhere already. (I didn’t look for it.) But I put a tutorial together myself, as you see below.

I have been playing around with Layout Options for this block (three of them below), therefore I want to ask you to make me six 5” x 5” Units each, so I can mix them all up while assembling the Quilt-Top and figure out the final Layout.

Fabric Choice:

For the Main Fabrics:

Please use at least 3 different fabrics for the Main Fabrics.

Bright Colours: All colours are welcome, medium to dark, anything that reads as the one colour (Solids, Tone on Tone, Small Scale Prints, etc.)

For the Strips:

Please use White or White on White, whatever you have.

Seam Allowance:

While testing, I noticed, that a scant ¼“ is best to get a 5”x 5” block at the end.

Cutting Instructions:

  • 6x 5” x 5” of Main Fabrics
  • 6x 5 ½“ x 1” White Strips
  • 6x 5” x 1” White Strips

Tutorial Overview:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:


Step 1

All 6 of the Main Fabric 5" squares:

Step 2

Now you have 3 pieces: Piece A, Piece B and Piece C. I cut 3 layers at a time.

Step 3

Also: Cut from the White Fabric:

6 times:    5 ½“ x 1” White Strips

6 times:    5” x 1” White Strips

For all 6 cut up Main Fabric squares and the corresponding (each 2) White Strips assemble as follows.
This is a good opportunity for chain-piecing. I prepped Step 4 and Step 5 at the same time and chain-pieced them.

Step 4

Step 5
Step 4 & 5 prepped for piecing:
Step 4 & 5 chain-pieced:
Step 4 & 5 pressed:

Step 6

Step 6 prepped for piecing:
Step 6 chain-pieced:
Step 6 pressed:
Don't they look a bit like Stingrays now?

Step 7
Step 7 prepped for piecing:
Step 7 chain-pieced:
Step 7 pressed:

Step 8

The only thing left to do is to square the 6 finished units up to be 5" x 5".

All Done!

Hope you enjoy this. Thank you already so much for sewing for me!

Lots of Love from Ireland,

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