Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hive 1 Block for Kathryn

 Kathryn, this is going to be a fun and colorful quilt.  I don’t have many solids at all.  I did find some old scraps in my stash of the green and blue, something from the way back past I think these fabrics are pretty old from the 60 or 70.   Then for the light color I used a cream colored tone on tone.  

I hope you enjoy.  Carolyn


Kathryn said...

Thanks Caroline. Your choices will work just fine. Don't you love finding old fabric that can finally find its purpose?

It’s Quilting Time said...

Kathryn. I’m not super thrilled with the quality of this one. The fabric is so thin. It puckered up quite a bit snd I just don’t like the quality.

I’m going to make a second one for you and send both. I found some better quality in my stash- didn’t know was I there. a burnt orange solid and I found a yellow tone on tone. I’m going to make one more for you.