Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hive 5 June Tutorial - Treasure Hunt block for Katy

Hi quilty friends!

I am excited to be the Hive 5 June queen bee.  I am a mostly stay-at-home mom of two girls (2 and 4) who didn't start quilting until I was pregnant with the first.  In the last 4 years I've fallen in love with the creative space quilting provides to me (it's a great nap time activity since I can start and stop very easily).  I love fabric hoarding (don't we all...), and sometimes when I'm feeling down I just like to go into my craft room and look through all my fabrics and dream up new quilts :)  I also love the connection to other quilters and crafters through IG; I don't really know many people who quilt, so I love getting to see all of your fabulous work on IG.  This is only my second year in Stashbee.  Not only do I love getting to know some quilty friends, but I love learning new things as each block teaches me a new skill (like last month's curves) or pushes me a little out of my comfort zone (black and orange bats?  both two colors I always shy away from!).  It's so fun to see how your visions come together in a fun and eclectic quilt.

Anyway.... enough about me. On to the June block!

I have chosen the "Treasure Hunt" block from The Bee Hive with Blossom Heart Quilts.  This is a paper pieced block (we are all experts in that now, right?).  If you want to look at different version of the treasure hunt block,  Robin Sue from Hive 3 chose this block for her May block.  The paper piecing directions are the same, although I have chosen a different color way.  Her tutorial is great, so head over there if you would like a quick refresher.

My colors are teal/turquoise, purple/lavender, grey, and lime.  Teal will be the main color (used in every block), and a little bit of lime is also used in every block.  You will print out 4 copies of the block- two should have purple and two should have grey (see below).  As always,  make sure you double check that your print outs are the right size (6.5 inch blocks) before sewing (ask me how i know....)

I would like to play with value in this block, going from darker in the middle to lighter on the outside.  As you can tell from the photos below, scrapiness is what I'm looking for!  I would prefer that every fabric is different in your finished block.  (if you can't make them all different, you can just send me the 4 pieces before sewing them together and I can mix and match them myself).  Blenders are fine, but I would prefer fun prints that follow the over all colorway (see examples below).  

Here is a list of the fabric cuts* you will need:

8 limes- 2.25 x4
4 dark teals/turquoises 2.25 x 9.5
4 light teals/turquoises 2.25 x 7
2 purples 2.25 x 9.5
2 lavenders/light purples 2.25 x 7
2 dark grays  2.25 x 9.5
2 light grays 2.25 x 7

***note:  I pulled fabrics from my scrap bin, stash of 2.5 strips, etc, so in my photos you will not see the fabrics cut to the above specifications.  Those are really more like guidelines rather than hard fast cutting requirements.  I just created extra steps for myself because i had to cut them all down after sewing them.  up to you how you paper piece :)  ***  

Next we have a quick photo tutorial of the foundation paper piecing; start with A1 and A2, 
and.... here we go!

Next add A3, sew and flip.

Flip it around, time to add A4 and A5.

And last but not least, time to add that hint of lime! (A6)

Now we are done with the fun part, time to trim up our blocks and sew them together.

Perfect!  now to sew them together in one big block that will finish at 12.5.  Please have the teal X through the middle of the block as shown below.  

Remove papers, and press seems open!  (helps to reduce bulk at the center).


The finished block will be about 12.5 inches.  

Thanks in advance for your lovely blocks :)


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