Saturday, June 1, 2019

June Tutorial for Hive 1 Block for Julia

Hello hive mates! It's a lovely sunny June day here in Boston. This is my fifth year in the stash bee. I really love learning and practicing different techniques each month.  I've been sewing since I was a kid (mostly costumes and clothes) and quilting for about eight years. Two fabric designers I've fallen in love with due to the stash bee are Alison Glass and Tula Pink.

For June I've chosen a 12 1/2" wonky star block.

The background color should be black or gray. Patterns or solids are fine. The background should be all one fabric.  The center star is purple. You can make it with all one fabric or go scrappy.

My fabric pull has a range of purples and a variety of background fabric options

The tutorial I selected is from The Silly BooDilly. I've made two changes.  First is that the center of the star and the points are all the same color.  Second is that the cutting instructions are slightly different from the tutorial.

Background fabric

  • Cut eight 4 1/2" squares

Star/Center fabric

  • cut one 4 1/2" square
  • cut four 5" squares

Using 5" squares for the star points allows for more angling and makes trimming the point blocks much easier.  I photographed how the blocks go together using 5" squares for star points.

Because you after the fourth picture you have so much excess purple fabric, it makes trimming the block back to 4 1/2" square much easier.  I took a pic to demo one way to trim blocks back 4 1/2" squares.  I did my trimming using a square up ruler. Basically I aligned one corner of black square with the 4 1/2" square up ruler and cut off the excess. (I added a blue line in the picture to highlight this).

and after all that shablam! A finished block.

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