Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hive 3 - May Tutorial - Treasure Hunt Block

I was in my sewing room pondering about my block choice when my eyes rested on my scrap basket that I keep next to my cutting table.  At that moment I thought, I can't be the only one who has tons of scraps that need to be used.  You don't think this basket is the sum of all the scraps, do you?

Time to clean up the scraps!  I am hoping this is simple for everyone.  I'm using the Treasure Hunt Block from The Bee Hive with Blossom Heart Quilts.  I've made it for others and found it to be addicting.  It is paper pieced - so many tutorials on the internet.  I used two techniques - 1. sew directly to the paper,  2. use the paper as a reusable guide. 

Print 4 copies - Mark the color layout

Print one and fold without stitching on the paper (4 times)

Grab some scraps!   
Almost anything will do.  I would prefer that you stay away from novelty and seasonal prints.  

Sew and trim 1/4"

 There's a suggested strip size guide on the paper - I wasn't that particular.

(This is from the single paper technique - I used 2 pins to hold A1 in place until all strips were sewn. This piece wasn't pressed and it's not really wonky.)

Here's the end result.
These were sewn directly to the paper (and pressed).

You can sew the four quadrants together or leave for me to sew.  Your choice if you want to remove paper.  

Thanks to all of you!


Sharon said...

Love making scrappy blocks!

Stitchedbysaratallas said...

These look fun!