Monday, October 1, 2018

Hive 3 Tutorial - October 2018 Block for Merrilee (@driftedindrive on IG)

Hello Fellow Hive 3 Beemates!

I've really enjoyed the wide range of styles and colors for previously requested blocks.  It's also thrilling to think of people all over the world working on our blocks.

I'm going for a riot of color so dig in to your stash!  My inspiration is a garden patch of zinnia flowers, think vivid red, luscious purple, eye-popping orange, hot pink, and any other wild color!  You'll also need some white or cream for background.  A low volume print or text on the white/cream background is fine.

Here's some color inspiration.....

I've chosen a free block/tutorial by GiGi's Thimble.  It's called Scrap Jar Star and I think it will lend itself to a quilt that captures a bit of each of your personalities by the colors you choose.  Details for cutting and sewing are at
Because of that I'm not going to recreate the steps but simply show you some of the blocks I've made.  It would be great if your star has a color theme (ie. mostly red, mostly purple etc.) but honestly if a mix of scraps suits you go for it!

Below are some of the samples I mocked up, you'll notice I didn't include as much white in the center patchwork of sixteen 2 inch squares as the pattern did but went with the color theme. (you can choose to follow the pattern to a "T" or go with your main color)

Eye popping purple....

Cheerful yellow....

Grab your scraps and get started! My biggest rule is.....have fun!  Just enjoy this hobby we all love.  If you have any questions just comment, email me, or ask on IG (@driftedindrive).  I can't wait to see what you'll make so please post on IG~ that's half the fun for me!

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