Monday, October 1, 2018

Hive 5 block tutorial for Amy: Busy block by Blossom Heart Quilts

Hello, Hive 5 Mates,

Wow!! I can't believe it is October already.  I am ready for the cooler weather but I feel like Christmas will be here way too soon.  I know don't get ahead of myself.  October is great because it is my month to be queen.

I have chosen a block I did last year with a different group.  Unfortunately, that group sort of flaked and about half came through for me.  Even the group leader fell through.  Anyway, all you ladies are awesome and I love the commitment we have to get blocks made.

The block is from Blossom Heart Quilts called Busy  (click link for tutorial).  It is paper pieced and is quite simple.  I hope you all know how to paper piece.  To make it even easier you make the 4 quadrants of the block each in different colors, then STOP  you are done. Please DO NOT sew the quadrants together or remove the paper.  I am not sure what configuration I am going to put them into yet.  There are a couple different ways.  My fabric placement is different from the Blossom Heart Quilts tutorial.  I have labeled each section to make it easier for you to understand.

 I would like bright fun prints.  My style is Cotton and Steel, Blueberry Park or Alison Glass.  Blocks do not need to be those brands specifically.  They are just examples of style.   Then there is black, grey and white.  You may choose solids or prints for these sections.


Sample placement
Sample placement

Print template 4 times ant 100%  Do not fit to page

while referring to the tutorial here are my labels matching the color with cutting size for each section

You can use a glue stick to secure the main fabric to the paper so it doesn't shift around.

I like to use an Add a quarter ruler when paper piecing so I don't accidentally cut my 1/4 in off ...oops!

a sample of colors and patterns.  Please use any brand you like.

Again, please leave the papers on the back and do not sew the 4 quadrants together.

I hope this makes sense.  Please ask questions.

Thank you all so much for making blocks for me.

Happy October, Amy York

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Lauren said...

I'm not sure of the light colors. Are they both gray?