Monday, April 2, 2018

Tutorial Hive 5 April. Lauren

Hi everyone,  Happy Easter, Passover and April Fools Day,

   I love paper piecing and have always loved the look of a colorful Union Jack Quilt.  A great tutorial and pattern can be found on Https:// It is from February 2015. She gives a wonderful tutorial.
   The biggest hints are 1.  Make sure you have your printer correct. Use fill page as is on my printer. Others say other things. NEVER USE FIT TO PAGE.  At the end when printed make sure your 1” square measures correctly.  2.  This pattern has angles. Because of this you need to be careful that your fabric covers through the angle.  3.  Mark the color on pattern for each piece.
   The colors will be brights.  I want a rainbow of color.  If you use your favorite I will receive different colors.  Pick one color, one dark and one light. Such as dark blue and light blue.  Also use white on white for the white.  Per the tutorial dark color will be Color X. This is pieces A1,A8 and B 1. The center strip between each half is also dark.   The lighter color will be Color Z.  This is pieces A4, A5, B 4 and B 5. The A and B4 are large triangles and A and B5 are the small triangles.  The white on white pieces  are A2, A3,A6 and A7.  Also pieces B2,B3,B6 and B7. This will all make sense when you read through the tutorial.   See pictures below.

This is a picture of fabric pull.  Each of the two colors read as dark and lighter as compared to the other.

Above is the pattern marked with all the colors for the area.

This is half of flag. Each piece will be the same one this way and the other flipped.  Sew with 2x8 center piece.

Completed flag will look like this.

Any questions please send to my Email.  Will gladly answer.  The tutorial will provide great information. Lauren


Becky said...

How many blocks will we make for you?

Kitch Kouture said...

HI Becky, just one . . .