Sunday, April 1, 2018

Tutorial for Hive 4 in April

Happy April!  Paulette asked us to share what we like most about quilting.  I think my favorite part is piecing blocks.  (While my least favorite part is putting those blocks together!)  It is followed closely by quilting.

This month we are making two log cabin style blocks and putting them together for a rectangular block.  (Sorry - this isn't as exciting as what was alluded to in a recent email.)  The inspiration is taken from this quilt at Love Laugh Quilt.

The whites should be either a solid white or white on white.  Please stay away from creams.

The colors should be bright colors of the rainbow ranging between red and blue.  Please try to stay away from fabrics that have a white background and most novelty prints.  Batiks are fine.

Please choose two of the options below to cut.  The colors should all be different colors.  The white1 should be the same white as the other white1.  You can make white1 the same as white2 (or white3 or both) if desired.  If you cut everything at once make sure to keep the strips from one option separate from the strips of your second option.

Put the pieces together as shown below.  Make sure to watch the orientation as you get started.  Press toward the colored fabric.  Do this two times, once for each set of strips.

Put the blocks together. 
Sew the blocks together in the orientation shown below.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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scraps125 said...

Can each square of the rectangle be a different option or should they both be the same?