Monday, April 2, 2018

April block for Hive 6: Bow Ties

Queen Marie originally posted her tutorial on the Hive 6 Facebook page and has been having trouble getting logged into the blog while traveling.  Rest assured, she posted on time!  ~Emily

Good Morning fellow bee mates and Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to you all

Here in Maine it finally feels like warmer weather might actually arrive, but definitely not here yet. I'm envious of those of you looking at daffodils.

So, for my Queen Bee Month I've chosen a simple block that I hope will be easy and quick. The picture below is of the quilt I'm putting together for my brother. I've blacked/whited it so you can see the values needed rather than the colors. You can choose whether you make a block from the outer light background with mediums or the inner medium background and darks. The colors are mostly browns and grays and can be anything you think a male in your family might like.

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Its a simple bow tie block. For 4 blocks you'll need:
(8) 3" squares from a background color (I used 4 different fabrics, cutting 2 from each)
(8) 3" squares from browns/grays
(8) 2" squares in matching browns/grays

The second picture is of the fabrics I pulled together. The back row across is the background fabric and the front rows are the bow tie fabrics.
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To make the block, take 2 matching 2"squares and place them, right sides together, in one corner of the 3" background squares. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 2" square. (picture 3).

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Stitch on marked line. Trim outer corner, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Press toward dark fabric. Make 2. Take the 2 matching 3" squares and stitch to the corner units as shown in picture 4. The block will be 5 1/2". Make 4 of these units but please do not sew them together. This is a scrappy quilt and I'm going to arrange them once I get them all together.
If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away. Thank you so much for helping with this! I think my brother is going to love it!
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