Monday, July 3, 2017

Paulette's (very late!) Block - Stash Bee in June (Hive 6)

First, let me apologize to Paulette - the month got away from me....but, her block is finally on it's way!

Ich muss mich wirklich bei Paulette entschuldigen - der Juni ist vorbeigeflogen ... aber, ihr Block ist jetzt endlich unterwegs!

And here is my block:

  Und hier ist er:


 Again, Paulette I am sorry for being so tardy!

  Nochmals Paulette, es tut mir leid dass dieser Block so spät dran ist!


Emily said...

I love how your black spirals look in this block! Great cutting!

scraps125 said...

Oh....this looks lovely. Will let you know as soon as it arrives. Thank you.