Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Hive 1 block - only a bit past midnight

Man, June went by quickly in my house.  We had a week at Disney World, followed by two weeks of soccer and dance camps for the kids when we got home, and a mountain of work waiting for me in the office!  I started this block last weekend, and realized far too close to the end that my sizes were all wrong.  Take two had to wait until tonight.  I would have made it before midnight if I weren't the slowest trimmer around.  I'm glad I did the oversize and trim method though, it make the points of the geese turn out much cleaner than my usual geese.

I intended to do at least one set of four with grey geese and a green sky, but could not find a single grey piece in my stash the right dimensions.  I wasn't sure about the green leafy fabric with the bits of blue, so made an extra set of 4 with all green.  I hope these will work!


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