Monday, July 3, 2017

Hive 3 July

So I am speedy getting this block done and in the mail because of vacation days looming and had to be sure Meredith didn't have to wait on this block.  She has a wedding to look forward to.  I know the mother of the groom has it easier, there will still be a lot of "stuff" to get done.

I actually had peeked ahead on blogger and knew what colors she was asking for.  I had to raid a friend's stash to get enough variety, my blues get used up all the time.  Anyway this will be interesting to see all the varieties of blues and orange.  I just realized that you can't see the other light strips in this photo, so that will be a surprise, but they are there, all eleven blues.

Your package should be in the mail today.  

Happy wedding days from Susan

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Meredith said...

Susan, this is so great! Thank you! Enjoy your upcoming vacation, and I will look forward to getting some happy mail!