Saturday, July 1, 2017

July Queen - Hive 5

Hello, everyone!  I can't believe it's my turn already.  So many choices, I'm glad I've had some time to think of my block choice.  I'm also queen in another bee, so I decided to use the same block for both.

I've chosen Magic 8 Ball from Blossom Heart Quilts.  The link is

Here are the fabrics I used.

Print A - 6.5" square - any focal fabric of your choice
Print A - 3.5" square - yellow

Print B - aqua/teal/light blue

Print C - gray (print or solid)

Here's my method for sewing the diagonals:
Using an index card for diagonal sewing

And finally, my finished blocks.

P.S. - 2 truths and a lie - I don't eat jello because it wiggles, I'm afraid of being in an RV because I believe it can fall over (it's true!) but I don't love Halloween.  In fact, I don't like Halloween at all.  

I've enjoyed making all the blocks for January through June - hope you enjoy this one!


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