Sunday, February 26, 2017

My blue heart block for Paula

I really didn't procrastinate as much as it seems!  
I had the hst and qst units finished over a week ago, but then had to put away all my sewing gear from our sewing/guest room to make room for visitors.  It was fun having company, but I'm glad to have my sewing room back today.  I enjoyed making this block.  One thing it showed me was the difference it makes to press the seams open instead of to one side.  The seams and block are flatter.  I did have to pin to match the seams instead of nesting as I usually do.  Thanks to Paula for sharing this great block pattern.

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Cheshire's Designs said...

Pam, it's positively lovely! I'm thinking I have enough variety to be able to make the quilts in a rainbow fashion. Thank you for making this. I'm glad you enjoyed. Yes, pressing open makes it flatter with so many points coming together but can be a challenge of sorts.