Saturday, February 18, 2017

Allison's February Hive 7 Blocks!

Hi Allison! 

I love both of your choices, so I decided to make them both! On the pussy hat block, I just happened to have some pink fabric with some adorable cats! I also got to use my absolute favorite color of Kona for the accent color (Honeysuckle, if anyone is curious). :) I also have to say, I grew up in Colorado, but have spent most of my adult life in New York City, and I am honestly shocked by the ugliness of the current social climate. Immigrants are a huge part of how we became a "super power," our culture, and what is beautiful about NYC, and at one point all of my ancestors were immigrants from Northern Europe. Anyway, kudos to you for picking this block, and seeing and participating in the march on DC was one of the most inspiring and hopeful things I have ever done.   

For the flying geese, gradient block, I was feeling girly, so I decided to go with purple. I think I read that it could be a color of my choice, so hopefully I didn't misunderstand. The hardest part is always picking out the scraps. I followed your advice and picked out the dark background color first, and things got off the ground from there (no pun intended hee hee). 

Being that it's a holiday weekend, and the post office is already closed for the day, I'll get it sent out on Tuesday. Hope you like them!


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