Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hive 7 Block for Allison

I just finished the pussycat hat block for Allison this afternoon.  Pink is the smallest bit of my stash, so was super glad to be able to use one of my new Cotton and Steel fat quarters.  

Allison, Do you have a preference for where you'd like us to sign our names?  

I learned a few things while constructing.  The pink portion of the corner ears are each slightly different shapes.  You'll want to turn rows two and three upside down to match the outline template.  I wish that I had oversized the side and top white fabric to make it easier to square at the end.  I left a bit extra on the bottom just because . . .   

Now that I've finished this one, I think I'll dig into my blues to the make the second as well. Can always use some more practice matching corners.  

Cathleen (aka Kitch Kouture)